personal staement(化学系毕业生)

  I was born in beijing, china in 1945. in my early school years i attended lao song primary school. after my graduation i entered the beijing lst girls school this is the best middle school in beijing. girls are admitted on the basis of a competitive entrance examination. during my middle school years i was very active in school activities while still maintaining a high academic record. twice i won the first prize for the best in the three principles—1) outstanding grades, 2) moral character, and 3) good health. this prize was a great honor. i regularly attended the youth group and there i met several americans who helped me to improve my english. upon graduation from middle school i entered beijing university. this was also on the basis of a competitive examination. it was a very frightening thing to take this test, because there was not enough room in chinese universities for every one who wished to attend. i was very fortunate to have a good background and a high scholastic average. these helped me a great deal.

  I majored in chemistry at beijing university. this was mainly because i enjoyed it so much in middle school and i hoped some day to teach it in college or perhaps do some research. as an undergraduate i enjoyed all my courses, but i especially liked my major subject. my faculty advisor, dr. wen, helped me choose the courses which were of the most interest to me. he also encouraged me to do outside reading and research. with his help i became a lab assistant which broadened my knowledge of chemistry. dr. wen also strengthened my desire to study abroad and suggested several american universities which had good reputations in my field. as a result of his encouragement and a great deal of study, i graduated from beijing university with very high grades—almost at the top of my class.

  In addition to my primary interest in chemistry, i have always been interested in chinese literature and painting. while i was at the university, i took some painting and art courses. i found painting could relax me and enables me to see things in a better perspective when i was depressed or when i had a problem.

  In the future my goal is to get my m. a. and my ph.d. from an american university in the field of chemistry. i plan to return to china to teach in a middle school or a university. this is because i feel very strongly that china needs better educated, better informed teachers.