personal staement(电机系毕业生)

  my name is harry lin. on may 25, 1958, i was born in xinying, a little town in southern fujian. my father is a farmer, planting bananas and pineapples, and my mother takes care of the house. i have two brothers and one sister. though not well-to-do, my parents have been able to provide the whole family with sufficient means to live decently and enjoy all modern conveniences.

  my early education was received in my hometown, i.e. six years in primary school and three years in junior middle school. after completing nine years of formal education in 1958. i went to xiamen and participated in the joint entrance examination for five-year junior colleges. fortunately, i was admitted to the department of electrical engineering at xiamen junior engineering college. i chose electrical engineering as my major because, on the one hand , i liked physics very much; and on the other hand, electrical industry is a major sector of the economy of china.

  the five years of intensive training came to an end in june 1978 when i received a diploma. and in july 1980. i was hired by nan ya plastic company and have served as a junior electrical engineer at the company to the present. i enjoy the work and feel competent for the job.

  in working, however, i've found that what i have learned in school is limited and far from sufficient to handle sophisticated jobs. therefore, i have decided to extend my education and would like to enter an american institution firstly to earn a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. then, if possible, i would like to continue my education toward a master's degree.

  after this objective is reached, i will return to my country and seek a job in a public firm. most probably i will continue to work with nan ya plastic company.